Saturday, August 19, 2006

Jesus is Lord!!!

17th August 2006; Thursday/ 18th August 2006 Friday : Night Vigil 8.30pm to 2.30am

A night Vigil for the Intercession of the Prisoners was held at Bro Gladwin's house
¶ Opening prayer by Gladwin
¶ Rosary led by Pete
¶ Litany by Agnes
¶ Repentance prayer by Roshan
¶ Deliverance prayer by Anil Menezes
¶ Inner healing prayer by Jude
¶ Thanksgiving by all present
¶ Intercessory by Dominic
¶ Grace by Shamin
¶ Fellowship meal

Awesome spiritual atmosphere was created for the Night Vigil. An eerie cry heard during the deliverance prayer was confirmed by many...
Manish saw the vision of Jesus twice…

Jude shared his testimony how he came to the lord…

On the way back home we saw a tragic accident at 3.30 am at one of the roundabout in Deira; where workers were working … a car had turned turtle

Praise God!! ! It was a good night vigil

Aug 7 to Aug 14 A week with Rev Fr Allwyn Misquitta in Dubai

16th August 2006; Wednesday

After the Novena to Our Lady of Perpetual Succor and the Holy Eucharist the Charismatic Group had the Meeting in the main hall.

Praise & Worship was led by one of the Srs it was much melodious & vibrant compared to last week.
The teachings was by Fr Joy on the I am statements I am the Light , I am the Truth , I am the way…. Fr gave many examples it was a powerful teaching it sure transformed a lot of people

The Final intercessory prayer was done by a core group member; Fr Freddy came & gave us his final blessings

Praise God!!!!

14th August 2006; Monday

The Prayer meeting was to be held in the evening at Sharjah; but as there were some blocks from the Church authorities a benefactor arranged for a private hotel [Winny’s near the Karama fish market] as a farewell for Fr Allwyn. The farewell dinner started with Praise & Worship led by Bro Godfrey and Fr led us into prayer & gave us a homily on Prayer & types of Prayer … people came in huge no; after the bible study many people came to bid farewell & pray for Frs. Journey & stay in Rome… Bro Hilary Da Veiga led in intercessory prayer; thanking & praying for Fr. Allwyn & Fr Buley... There was a grace said and the people took part in a fellowship meal... Bro Hilary Da Veiga also thanked Hilary Pinto a benefactor for arranging the hall & meal

It was time to bid adieu to Fr Allwyn a wonderful week with Gods anointed priest….

Praise God for all the meeting that were held & those that could not be held…

12th August 2006; Saturday

After the afternoon intercessory prayers at Bro Hilary’s place we Pete came & took Fr Allwyn & myself to Karama where Fr had a house visit & from there Fr went along for a prayer meeting in Gold Souk area…

11th August 2006; Friday
Jebel Ali / Dubai

Bro Clement came early in the morning to take Fr Allwyn to Jebel Ali.
Fr Allwyn concelebrated the 9 am Mass.
Pete picked me & Fr Buley & we went for the 10 am Mass, Fr Buley concelebrated the 10 am Mass...
After the mass the Charismatic meeting was held in the Hall no 5 Fr Allwyn was introduced by Godfrey and the meeting started with a melodious Praise & Worship... the Air-conditioning was not working effectively but still people were enjoying the Praise & worship. Fr gave a nice teaching on …
Fr Buley gave us the final blessings it was a vibrant and transforming meeting ….
There was a huge crowd about 120 in that small space …Bro Frank of Sharjah invited the people to attend the meeting on 14th evening at Sharjah; announcing that Fr would be giving his teaching on the Power of prayer

Fr Allwyn came with Pete in the evening home, He said a short prayer & blessed the house
From there we went to bro Gladwin’s place for the evening intercessory prayer... Bro Gladwin introduced Fr Allwyn & Fr led the prayer & Praise & worship Bro Gladwin led the prayers & there after Fr gave a small homily and prayed for the infilling of the spirit & the intercession of the Prison ministry & all prisoners as usual the spirit was very much vibrant & moving mightily Fr gave his blessings & we had a fellowship meal with Fr Allwyn..
A very spirit filled Friday

Praise God!!

10th August 2006; Thursday

Bro Clement came to pick up Fr Allwyn & self from bro Hilary’s place we went to Silver Sands Building No 1 behind Ramada Hotel, Bur Dubai for the Prayer meeting held by Aneel Aranha of the Holy Spirit Interactive group.

The meeting was scheduled for 7 pm; we reached a few minutes late, Praise & worship was already going on … after the Praise & Worship... Bro Aneel led us in to prayer & afterwards showed us a Movie (Life without Limits) on Nick... the Australian boy without hands & feet… it made one realize how blessed we are & how we take all blessings for granted…..

Bro Aneel invited Fr Allwyn & introduced him & asked Fr to share; Fr gave a gist of his ministry... One of the srs the people into repentance & intercession... after the prayer Bro Aneel invited Fr Allwyn to give his blessings... After the meeting ended there was a fellowship meal (we excused ourselves as be had to rush back to Bro Hilary’s place)...

Pete, Hilary Da Veiga, Anthony Paul (Hilary’s son), Fr Buley, Fr Allwyn & I were treated out for dinner by Bro Hilary. We went for a buffet to Akbar’s an Indian restaurant on Rigga road...
Praise God for a spirit filled evening…….

9th August 2006; Wednesday

After the Novena to Our Lady of Perpetual Succor and the Holy Eucharist the Charismatic Group had the Meeting in the main hall.

The core group did not give Fr Allwyn permission to preach & most
notably they failed to acknowledge his presence at the meeting

Praise & Worship was led by one of the Srs it was a unusual very low key.
The teachings was by Fr Freddy on John 13:9, Lord wash not only my feet, but also my hands & my head... The preaching lacked punch …

The Final intercessory prayer was done by Bro Noel; Fr Freddy came & gave us his final blessings
Many people who had come to hear Fr Allwyn were disappointed

After the meeting many people came to meet & be blessed by Fr Allwyn….. Praise God!!!!

8th August 2006; Tuesday

After the afternoon intercessory prayers at Bro Hilary’s place we went to St Mary’s church for the evening Mass we went early & Pete & Dolcina took Fr Allwyn to meet the parish priest... Fr Peter gave permission for Fr Allwyn to Concelebrate the Mass

Praise God!!!!

7th August 2006; Monday
Dubai/ Sharjah

Fr Allwyn arrived at Dubai on his way to Rome.
After the afternoon intercessory prayers at Bro Hilary’s place Vijay Varghese picked up Fr Buley, Fr Allwyn & myself to take us to Sharjah… we had to pickup Alfred the Music ministry organist from his office at Sheikh Zayed road & from there we proceeded to Sharjah… though we left early we were caught up in the traffic at Garhoud bridge finally reaching Sharjah Church on the dot of 7 pm as the Mass was starting…..
After the Mass the Charismatic meeting was held in the basement was led by Fr Allwyn; Rev Fr Xavier the Assistant parish priest of St Michaels Church introduced Fr Allwyn
Fr Allwyn led the Praise & Worship and gave the talk on PPL there was a tremendous response from the group & notably a large no of new comers after the final blessings given by Fr Xavier there was a small sharing with the group. Fr Allwyn thanked Vijay & Frank the leaders of the Sharjah group… Vijay & Frank dropped us back to Dubai after the meeting …
Praise & Thank God for a wonderful evening!!

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Jesus is Lord!!!

Wednesday, July 19, 2006


Shalom!!! The Prayer meeting after the Usual Wednesday Novena & Eucharist Celebration was held in the Main Hall of St Mary's Church.

The reception committee was absent or was not in place today LOL!!

The Praise & Worship was led by Sr Mabel the choir as usual was good & melodious

Bro Clive spoke on John Chapter 4 about the Samaritan woman in context to evangelisation and our role here on evangelisation the gave various explanations and said that God in his gospel has in little passages told us so many things & it is for us to take the meaning and act in doing service for His Kingdom.

After this there was an intercessory prayer which touched all areas of our lives & various intercessions were prayed for it concluded with a final hymn of Lifting gods name on High a good Wednesday evening in solemn prayer time with the Lord

I Praise & Thank God for being able to be present.

Monday, July 17, 2006

Spiritual Journey 21 July to 28 July 06

21st July 2006; Friday

Thanks to Pete who takes all the trouble to pick me up every Fridays; I am able to attend the Praise & Worship at Bro Gladwin's residence.

The household intercessory prayer is very anointing and powerful. The deliverance prayer was extremely good.

The call to repentance & worship was led in a very touching way with good reflections and call to contrition

I want to Praise & Thank Almighty God for giving me an opportunity to be able to attend these meetings.

23rd July 2006; Monday

The Bible Faith Sharing was held in the Mini hall Bro Godfrey led the Praise & worship

Bro Hilary Da Veiga preached on Galatians Chapter 4; He also pointed out that some people are misinterpreting or misquoting what he says at the BF S but he says since everything is recorded it is good.

Bro Hilary said that the chapter on Galatians was all about us being made FREE through the blood of our LORD JESUS CHRIST!!! & so we need not cave into all bondages fears / threats. He said the ruler of this world i.e. Satan does not want us to be happy so keeps telling us that we are not FREE.

So celebrate our Freedom in Christ Jesus!!

I can only add that the people of Dubai who attend this BFS are truly blessed to have such anointed preacher

Praise GOD!!!!

26th July 2006; Wednesday

After the Novena to Our Lady of Perpetual Succor and the Holy Eucharist the Charismatic Group had the Holy Hour / Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament.
Praise & Worship was led by Bro Michael & Bro Godfrey.

The Atmosphere was vibrant and spirit filled.

Praise God!!!!

27th July 2006 Thursday

The St Mary's Bible Faith Sharing Group had organized a overnight picnic to Al-Ain..The group was scheduled to leave from the Indian School at 5.00 pm Dubai Time; [ Since we are used to Indian Stretchable Time it was no wonder that we only moved after 5.30 pm]
There were 3 mini buses and some of the people came in their own cars. The journey to Al Ain was started with Prayer in the buses and in the bus I traveled it was Sr Olive's birthday she led the opening prayer asking the Lord to protect us and prayed that we have a wonderful time... There was Praise & Worship in the bus; testimonies were shared by Bro Pete on how he got inner healing. Bro Hilary Da Veiga gave us teachings in the bus during the journey he kept us informed about how we must be on our way to Heaven... He also went around serving us samosas & tea. After our tea break; he asked the people about this quote "Do your best & leave the rest to God" some agreed & some did not agree the ones who agreed he asked them for their reasons. One of the sisters said she has recently lost her job so she says by just waiting for the Lord to work I have to go about doing my work of searching for a job & then leave the rest to Him. but Bro Hilary Da Veiga said if we have this attitude means we are doing all the work and making God the tail.. But instead we must allow God to lead us & guide us to our goals / cast our burdens unto him / Coz without Him I can do nothing / we have to give him first place in all things... I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.Then there was a discussions on the Mother Mary's Bread which is going on in Dubai. Sr Olive explained what it was & she said that she told the person not to continue it....the journey continued with melodious singing of hymns... we reached Al - Ain around 7.30 pm we went to a restaurant named Top 5 when all the people had gathered we sang for Sr Olives birthday as she cut her cake, then Bro Michael led the thanksgiving prayer & grace before meals as we took part in a sumptuous buffet meal, after our meal there was a thanksgiving prayer made by one of the Sisters . From there we went to Hotel Hilton where 90 of us were accommodated through the generosity of one family. After checking into our rooms we assembled in the Hotel Conference hall for an hour of Praise & Worship... at the end Bro Hilary said a protection prayer and asked us to be back next morning at 7 am in the Conference hall..

28th July 2006 Friday
Al - Ain

The picnic continues................

The Praise & worship started at 7.15 am, was led by Bro Liston and it went on till 8 am there after Bro Hilary invoked for more Praise & worship which went on for another 45 minutes... Bro Hilary asked the people who were converted from other faiths, to stand up & there were more than 10; all of us said a prayer for them and it was a very touching moment. After that breakfast was distributed and all were asked to assemble at the conference hall after having their breakfast in their rooms... Breakfast was packed by the restaurant it was very filling each having three parathas and lovely potato curry.
The programme for the day was explained and all went to the family pool for fun & games after an hour of games we again assembled in the Conference hall people were made into teams like Fortitude/ obedience/ faith etc and given some skits to perform there was some games held before we went on our way for lunch to the restaurant at Al- Jimi Mall.

For Lunch Bro Terence & 2 others said the prayer & grace after the lunch it was nice to see all the groups trying to co-ordinate their skits among themselves. On return to the Hotel after lunch there was an awesome testimony of Bro Inder Kumar a Sindhi who had a Christian wife. Their 10 month old daughter was suffering from leukemia and doctors had give up all hope she was transferred to Al Tawan Hospital in Al Ain, Bro Inder was a person who ,led a very worldly life visiting bars & smoking 80 cigarettes a day he said he had drugs also but when some people came and told them that Jesus could cure his daughter he started believing in Jesus started reading the Bible and how miraculously the baby was healed by Jesus even the docs were stunned ; he also testified how his visa issues of his wife & daughter was solved.. now he & his wife visit hospitals and are into ministry in spreading the Lords Kingdom. Bro Hilary quizzed them after that he asked them suppose if your daughter was not healed would you be the same & Bro Inder said after I came to know Jesus & if my daughter was not healed I know I would be seeing her again in heaven, the mother also said it would not had been easy but God had given them the strength to bear it.. She also testified how some Non Christian Hindus were healed during her hospital visits.

After that we had the skits put on by the various groups it was great to see innovative ways of putting up skits from the Bible.... the price for the best performance went to the group Obedience for their enactment of the parable " The Sowing of seeds on fertile ground"... incidentally it was the Gospel of the day!!!

Thereafter there were testimonies by some of the group and the most amazing one was by Bro Vijay it was emotional about his son Rohit.

The group disbursed to the rooms for checkout and reassembled in the conference hall for a game of tambola. After the game there was a thanksgiving prayer and prayer for protection on our way back home to Dubai ...A group pictures were taken at the entrance at the Hotel as a remembrance of the wonderful weekend spent with the Lord in 5 star comfort.

The return journey was done by singing in spiritual hymns and saying the rosary and Divine mercy chaplet... We arrived in Dubai by 8.45 pm

It was a spirit filled picnic at Al Ain Hilton Hotel All praise to Almighty God!!!!

Jesus is Lord!!!

17 July 2006

The Charismatic Prayer meeting of St Mary's Church was held as usual on Wednesday 12 July 2006 the Praise & Worship was beautifully led with anointing music and hymns the music ministry was very good

The teaching was given by one of the priest of St Mary's parish. It was on ' He who believes in me, out of his heart shall flow rivers of Living water ' Jn 7:38

The intercessory prayer was powerfully led by one of the member and it was well reciprocated by the faithful.....

Praise God & God Bless all the core group members

On Friday 14 July 2006 the intercessory prayer in the residence at Ghusias was very solemnly led the Divine presence was Awesome some of the messages were confirmed and it was a refreshing evening of house hold prayer. The repentance prayer was very well animated by the leader Bro Gladwin and deliverance prayer was Spirit led & filled by Bro Roshan.

All Praise & honour to our Heavenly Father!!!!

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Jesus is Lord!!!

Dubai 11 July 2006

Praise to Our Lord Jesus !!!

Its been a month in the Emirates ; and I am still in search of a job !! Praise God!! for that too
Yesterday 10th July 2006 Monday after the Holy Eucharist celebrations in the evening the the Bible Faith Sharing was held in the mini hall. The evening started with Praise & Worship
led by Bro Michael from the Prison Ministry led well with a protection prayer for all people attending the Bible study and those not present it led to deeper worship & thereafter it was Bro Clive who took over the preaching for the night;The topic was on Galatians Chapter 3
The preaching was good with analogy of ABC / sound of music. Bro Clive asked that we go back to the point when we were touched by the Lord ( Our Personal Conversion ) and reflect on the circumstances. The fact stressed by Paul in Christ Crucified !!! Was touching ( We like to look at pictures of Our Lord like the Good shepherd etc) it is only the Crucified Christ that has restored our salvation
The study of the remaining chapter will continue next Monday ; Bro Clive read out the names of all those who got the quiz right & said that even if some one got I verse right it was appreciated
The Final prayer was said by Maggie ( Donny)

All Praise to God !!!!


Saturday, July 08, 2006

Jesus is Lord!!!

8 July 06


Yesterday 7/7 a date to remember about the horrific London bombings in the year 2005.
8 July 2005 my return to India on the hope that my Company Officeplus would sending me my employment visa at the end of my six month ban. Well God had other plans I went with faith & hope; my company in Dubai closed in December 2005 Praise God! by that time I was just waiting to come back to Dubai. My Civil Divorce came through on 30th July 2005, my Church marriage annulment came through in January 2006 by that time I was volunteering full time in Fr Allwyn's ministry the Light House Prayer Service at Don Bosco Youth Centre Koregaon Park. It was a fulfilling experience.
I have been lucky to be able to attend the Prayer services, Bible study in Dubai.
The intercessory prayer ministry at Bro Godwins place is very anointing & Divine the presence of the Lord is so wonderful
Yesterday the prayers led by the spirit was so peaceful and divine its difficult to put it in words I am fortunate to be present for it

I praise & thank God for the situation I am in; by worldly standards I am worried but I know the Lord is in control & pray for a total surrender always!!!

Hillary D'Mello

Thursday, July 06, 2006

Jesus is Lord!!!

6 July 2006

On Friday 30 June 2006; I attended a intercessory prayer meeting in Ghusais
area of Dubai , at Bro Godwins residence. The ambeince created was serene and peaceful
It was a very spirit lead evening of Praise & Worship as the people shared their experiences
the Lord's Presence was so much felt by one & all.
There were many testimonies of the Lord being with one another in crisis; during the past

To Lord Jesus be honour & glory !!!

5 July 2006

The Charismatic Prayer meeting in the Main Hall of St Mary's Church Dubai began at 7.45 pm.
The Praise & worship was conducted by Roshan; the choir ensured a melodious and prayerful
Teaching was based on the Living bread comparison's made from the Old & New Testament were inspiring & informative. The meeting concluded with intercessory prayers

Praise God !!!

Thursday, June 29, 2006

Jesus is Lord!!!

Jesus is Lord!!!
Dubai 29 June 2006

Monday- 26 June 2006, Bible study at St Mary's Church Mini Hall
After the evening Eucharist the BFSG started the Praise & worship led by Godfrey Gomes
it was anointing led to deeper worship

The sharing of the Word of God was continued by Hilary Da Veiga
He brushed on the topic covered by Clive in Galatians Chapter 1 where Paul twice reminds us the if any body or even if an angel comes and preaches another gospel let them be condemned to hell

He continued on Chapter 2 of Galatians; & he explained in detail how Paul had to go to Rome after 13 yrs
coz of the uproar on wrong teachings He sat with the council & Was firm on the teachings of Christ & explained to the church elders that circumcised need not be done for salvation

Hilary in his message stressed on how one should read & abide in Gods word

The BFS ended with acknowledgement of newcomers and birthday song was sung for one of the participant

28 June 2006

After the Novena to OLPS & the Evening Mass the Charismatic group had their Adoration in the Main hall
The Altar was beautifully decorated with lovely candles and flowers The Monstrance had a Light reflected on the Eucharist Bread
The Choir led the congregation into melodious Praise & Worship it was very well animated by a core group member

It was very profound and Holy adoration for one hour

The adoration concluded with the saying of the Our Father & declaration of the Lordship of Jesus Christ.